Coconut Oil – One of My Secret All Natural Weapons Against Aging!


A healthy diet and exercise are essential to maintaining my youthful appearance.  I love the healthy flush I get after a workout and a vigorous workout will get my blood flowing to provide nutrients and oxygen to my body where it needs it the most.  I also love what the right nutrients do for my skin, which is just one of many reasons I drink Shakeology daily.  I also choose, fresh, local in season produce whenever possible and I tend to think of food as medicine so I do the research on how certain foods will benefit my skin and fight aging as well as all of the other ways I will benefit from including them in my diet.  

I did the research on Coconut Oil awhile back and I started using not only in my diet but in my beauty regimen.  I am amazed at the properties of Coconut Oil and how I can get so much out of one jar!  Plus, I save so much money on expensive products (goodbye expensive night cream!)  I tend to have combination skin that is dry in some places (causing fine lines) and oily in others (which can result in acne) and massaging coconut oil into my skin before bed has really helped with the texture and quality of my skin. (yes! I apply coconut oil all over my face and body before bed!).


Here is a list of some of the ways use coconut oil in my beauty regime to combat aging:  

  1. As Hair Treatment – Coconut oil helps protein loss and prevent split ends when used as a conditioning treatment. I apply a 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil to my hair from roots  to ends and leave the coconut oil on for anywhere from an hour to 8 hours (overnight) before shampooing.  I have seen significant improvement in the way my hair looks and feels.
  2. As Skin moisturizer. I use pure raw, unfiltered coconut oil every day and night! Coconut oil is known to help reduce scarring, stretch marks and prevent sagging skin. It’s a natural “miracle” cream!  Even good for reducing cellulite!
  3. As an Eye Cream.  Apply under the eyes to reduce puffiness, bags and wrinkles.  Apply to the eyelids evenings only.
  4. Asn an Eye Makeup Remover. Another wonderful reason to have coconut oil on hand in the bathroom is for removing makeup! Wash your face and then use coconut oil to remove the remaining eye makeup.
  5. As an Lip Balm/Moisturizer.  Just apply to lips anytime to moisturize. I find that by using coconut oil on my lips every night before bed I have experienced less lines and feathering.  It also contains SPF4 so it is a natural light sunscreen for day use.
  6. As a Cuticle Treatment. Coconut oil does wonders for your nails! Massage your fingernails and toe nails with it as often as you like to help keep ragged cuticles tame. The antifungal properties of coconut oil are also helpful for keeping toes clear of fungal infections.
  7. Frizz Tamer. Coconut oil is my go-to when I need to tame flyaways in my wild hair. Only use a small amount though. Too much coconut oil will leave your hair with an oily look.

Give it a try.  We can all use another weapon against aging.  And why not choose an natural, healthy weapon that you may already be using in your kitchen!



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