The refreshing, quiet repose of sleep

The refreshing ease or inactivity after exertion or labor

Relief or freedom, especially from trouble, anxiety, etc.

Mental or spiritual calm; Tranquility

Cessation or absence of motion

Music – an interval of silence between tones

To be at ease, have tranquility or peace


Today is your day to rest!  Enjoy!

Rest doesn’t always mean sitting or lying silently or sleeping (although that can be a wonderful thing). Rest is about renewal.  Calming your mind and spirit and participating in activities that help to create a sense of peace and freedom in your mind, body and soul.  So take the day and make it yours.  

Spend time with family and friends. Have a picnic or backyard barbecue.  Enjoy being outside, the green grass, sunshine, fresh air.  A game of horse shoes, or frisbee or just listening to music.  

Enjoy time alone in a favorite place.  Mine is the beach.  I love the feeling of sand between my toes, sunshine, salty sea air and the sound of birds and crashing waves.  

Go for an easy bike ride, hike or trail walk.  Don’t forget to see the sights and capture the views along the way.  

Take a stroll downtown or uptown.  Visit a museum, antique or vintage shop.  Check out a hobby shop or a book store.  

Read a good book. Watch a movie.  Go to a concert.  I know many cities and towns have concerts in the park during the warm months.  These are great places to take the family to relax, take a picnic and just take in the live music.

Whatever you choose to do on your rest day, make it count.  Help your body and mind to renew, reset and recharge.  You deserve it.  


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