Hi my name is Christie and I love food! And I love to eat out. This can wreak havoc on my health and fitness if I let it, but I usually keep it in check. And since I have been eating healthy for years now, healthy food does taste so much better than the stuff that is really bad for me. And I like the way healthy foods make me feel as well. So when I do go out, I choose salads with leafy greens and lots of veggies and lean protein with dressing on the side. (Like my sashimi salad yesterday – healthy and filling. And by the way salad dressings are loaded with fat and calories so use them sparingly. It’s not worth it!). I also like to choose from the light meals or small plates sections and make sure what I am getting really is light and healthy. Like lean proteins and fresh seasonal veggies. Last night I had Turkey Chili from one of my favorite restaurants and it was so delicious and filling! And I was surprised because the portion size was not huge (like most restaurants). Plus, it was loaded with ground turkey, legumes and veggies. Okay so I have to admit that I was coveting the cheesecake ordered by the guy at the next table. It was candy topped! But I also know that I could probably only eat 2 to 3 bites before I started feeling the effects of the fat and sugar.

Do you love food? Do you love eating out? If so, I may be able to help you make better choices or provide you with a 1 week healthy meal plan.


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