Decide. Commit. Succeed.



What do these words mean to you?

Do you even know?  I can tell you what they mean to me.  But first an analogy:

What if Walt Disney had just merely “tried” to build and create the Happiest Place on Earth?  There would be no Disneyland.  And what if J. K. Rowlings decided to just “see how it goes” when she went out into the world to present her amazing stories of wizardry… there would be no Harry Potter.   How was that cup of coffee you had this morning?  Do you know that if a man by the name of Harry Schultz had just decided to “give it a try” there would be no Starbucks? 

There was a time when I would simply decide that I was going to do something, put in some effort and if I failed, well I’d just start something else.  No biggie!  But as time has marched forward I have had to give some serious thought about my thinking, planning and execution.  Did I really want to continue on deciding to do something, starting and then quitting half way through when things got tough?  No!  Actually, I didn’t.  I got tired of leaving pieces of my grand plans on the ground.  Lying there, undone, incomplete, because I had not given enough serious thought to what I had decided to do, I had not planned out carefully how I was going to get from point A to point B and therefore succeed. 

What about YOU?  What have you decided to do in your life but failed to commit to?  Do you feel like you have tried everything but given up before getting results or achieving success?  If so, maybe I can help you.  Maybe I can help you to change your thinking and change your life.  Read on to find out why you should stop trying and start doing and committing.  

If you REALLY want to SUCCEED you must DECIDE to COMMIT. DECIDE what you want & COMMIT to taking the steps necessary to SUCCEED.

There are times in life when just TRYING may be all you can do.  But for the most part you have to stop just “trying” and start “committing” – People who merely try to make be financially successful, run a marathon, lose weight, write a book are the ones who get derailed at the first bump in the road. But those who COMMIT are the ones who succeed and get results.  “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful.”  “When you want to succeed badly enough, then failure is NOT an option”. 

First, what ARE your goals?  What DO you want to achieve?  If you want RESULTS and have a strong desire to achieve your goals you have to stop making excuses for giving up after merely ATTEMPTING to achieve what you set out to do.  After all, did you really give it all you had?  Did you really exhaust all of your efforts?

When you are unhappy and unsatisfied with the way that you look and feel, think about this – how long did it take for you to get to this point?  Seriously, it was not a fast and furious downward spiral was it?  So why do you expect to be able to reverse it in such a short amount of time and with little effort? 

You must change your thinking NOW.  You have to do the work.  You cannot simply purchase a workout program and go through the process of shopping for the healthy foods.  These are great first steps. But now you need to look at your plan and take the step from point A to point B.  You have to continue with your plan.  Start the program and start the meal plan.  Commit to follow through.  Learn, practice, participate and prepare.  Form GOOD habits.

Sure you could go out and buy the newest weight loss pill that promises you results without any work.  But the minute you run out those magic pills, you will go back to the way you were when you started because you didn’t do the work and you didn’t commit to change. 

Put some serious thought into what you want and why.  Carefully, plan out and map the steps.  And then do the work to get there!

First you have to find your “WHY”.  Why do you even want to do this?  Why do you want to get certain results?  Think about your goals.  Write them down.  Make a plan for how you will achieve them! Tell 3 people you admire and trust your plan and your goal.  Three people who you do not want to let down.  By announcing it to these people you are holding yourself accountable and committing to it you have just significantly increased the odds of your succeeding and achieving your goal by making it known to others. 

 You have to see it to believe it – so visualize it! 

Focus on your goal.  Live it, breathe it, be it. Make your goal your life.  Think it. Dream of it.  Live on the vision.  Let your brain, muscles, nerves and every part of your body be full of your vision and your goal.  People with focus this intense are the ones who ARE successful in accomplishing what they set out to do.  Nobody who is successful just “gives it a try”.  They have a very clear vision and a very clear plan of what they want to accomplish and they commit to succeeding!

Take responsibility.  If you don’t succeed, you are the only one to blame.

First and foremost, it is your fault that you are out of shape and overweight.  It is not a failed “diet plan”.  It is not that your job is too demanding and time consuming.  And it is not that your family doesn’t allow you the time and space you need to eat right and exercise. The blame is on you and you alone.  In your mind you have made these excuses your validation.  You have become a martyr…. In your OWN MIND.  But the reality is, YOU are not properly planning and executing what you have DECIDED to do.  Find inspiration and motivation to get going and stay on track!  MAKE A CLEARLY DEFINED PLAN/MAP!

It’s time to trade in your excuses for solutions!

I understand obstacles.  I have had many obstacles in my life and I have managed to dodge them, jumped over them or simply go around them.  Everybody will encounter certain obstacles in life before they get to where they want to be. 

If you want something bad enough, you will find a way!  You will find a solution. 
If you keep making excuses you will be in the exact same place you are now one year, three years, even five years from now.  Find a solution.  People who find solutions to replace their excuses are the ones who succeed in this life.

If you have trouble with consistency and commitment do something about it now because without consistency and commitment no program or diet will ever work for you.  Because you are not doing what is necessary to achieve the results. You are not doing the WORK.

Stop asking for permission.  But please ask for help.

You don’t need permission to execute the steps it takes to succeed.  Just do it.  Don’t doubt it.  And feel free to ask for help.  As for suggestions and tips.  I am happy to share with you the tools I have used to help me to decide, commit and succeed.  But you have to make a promise to yourself first.  You have to promise to make a decision and commit to it.  Once you have done so, let me know (and don’t forget to announce it to your friends and family).  But please …. No more excuses.  



Six Things That MUST Be In Place In Order To Create Change

Have you ever wondered why you never seem to accomplish what you set out to do? Do you wonder why the motivation to change starts out fierce but soon fizzles out with excuses and then acceptance?

Consider this, maybe there is more to it than “will power” or “good luck.” Consider that there may be 6 critical things that are not in place. Without these 6 things in place, CHANGE will not happen or last.

1.  You Must Believe It In Order To Achieve It

Belief – It always seems easier to get back to a place you once knew. If at one time you were fit and your ideal weight but lost your way you will likely have an easier time returning to that once great place because you knew it before. If you have never ever felt great about yourself and never at any time been at your ideal state then you likely don’t believe it is possible. You may try different things but if deep down you really don’t “believe” that you can be or look a certain way that will almost certainly lead to self-sabotage. If you feel that no workout plan or program will ever work for you because in the past you have not achieved the results you wanted then guess what? It will NEVER work for you! To change this you have to change your mind set. You have to look at things from a fresh point of view.  With an open mind.  Let go of the idea that something will not work for you and BELIEVE that it will.

2.  Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Comfort – We tend to always go back to comfort zones. When the workout gets too “uncomfortable” or “hard” or when the meal plan gets too “complicated” we automatically go back to comfort. Our bodies and our minds know how to quickly reset to our comfort zones. You have to get UNCOMFORTABLE if you want to become comfortable with new results. Until we shift our definition of comfort our old ways and habits will continue to get in our way and create road blocks.

3.  Get Really, Really Selfish

“What’s in it for me” – There has to be a reward. You have to know why you are fighting the good fight. If you are trying to lose weight for someone else it will be very hard to make the change. You have to dig deep and really understand what is in it for you.  Many people have confessed that they want to get thin for the sole purpose of looking a certain way.  And then they cannot stick to the plan.  No wonder…  If you spend your time curled up  in your comfy clothes, sweats or pajamas on the couch, watching t.v. and a pint of ice cream or box of cookies calls your name it is highly likely how you look is not important to you at that moment!  So, you go back to your good old comfort zone. The only way to address this is to really dig deep and think about your ultimate goals.  The real reason “WHY” you want this.  How will it make you FEEL to reach your goal?  Will it improve your relationship? Your business? Consider making a dream board to look at daily as a reminder to what is in it for you.

4.  Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge – You have to know what to do. Spend time learning and researching. Don’t just “follow a plan” learn why it is good and why it will work.  Don’t just  take someone’s word for it. Rather, do the research for yourself, learn all you can about it so you truly understand it. When you understand why too much sugar is not good for you or why doing certain exercises a certain way are effective you will be more likely to commit and push past your comfort zone.

5.  Stop Merely Trying and Just Commit Already.

Commit.  Don’t Try.  Once you know what to do and how to do it, commit to it. Trying will never work. Commit and conquer.

6.  Consistency Is Everything

Consistency is the most important step of all.  You must be consistent. It did not take you a short period of time to get off track.  You cannot and will not be able to undo it in a day, a week or a month.  Be consistent, push through, commit to making things happen and a new you will emerge.

That’s it!  Get these 6 things in place and go with it!!  …because your life is going to change for the better and take you places you never thought you could go!!!

So now… excuses or solutions…YOU decide!  Choose wisely.


We are all familiar with the idea of “goal setting” and making new fitness goals. But did you know that the TYPE of goal you set determines if it will continue to motivate you and lead you towards success, OR knock you down which leads to discouragement and often a sense of failure instead of accomplishment?

The most common goal when it comes to fitness has something to do with “weight” or “size” or the number on the scale or on the waistline of their jeans.  Throughout the years, the most common thing I have seen is people setting goals which revolve around hitting that ‘magic number’ on the scale or at the jeans shop.

The problem with this type of goal is that it can be tough to measure, slow going, frustrating, and discouraging.  The issue for most people is they have a ‘number’ in their head that is not realistic.  Not everyone’s body is designed to be a size 3!  I have known many people to start a workout program and achieve great energy, their clothes start to fit better, their friends and family notice a difference in them.  BUT the scale is not moving!  And THAT ruins their day, their mood and their motivation.

All these positive results, but not achieving that magic number put a damper on everything.  Hey we don’t walk around with a number (our weight) scrawled on our foreheads.  So let’s stop using numbers as our “goal” and focus at something positive we can do for ourselves and feel accomplished and successful!

 What does learning a new skill have to do with achieving your fitness goal?

 What if you dropped that goal “number” for good?  What if you DECIDED to create a shift in your goal setting?

 Here is what I decided to do earlier this year and it has worked out quite well for me.  I hope by sharing this with you it will encourage you to give it a try!

 I decided to forget about my size and weight and I challenge myself to work on a goal based on skill. Why? For a few reasons.

  1. Progress changes your body. Stop progressing and you stop improving.
  2. Working toward a goal based on a skill gives you something to measure.  You get better every time which is a positive thing, thereby causing a positive reaction and in turn you are getting fitter just by working on your new skill.
  3. Not only does it create a natural progression, but it distracts you from what you don’t like about your body and helps you to focus on your strength and the amazing things your body can do.
  4. Most importantly, working on new goals based on skill can be really fun!

 Early this year, I set a goal to be able to do 25 traditional push-ups without stopping. At the time, I could not even do five push-ups without dropping to my knees.  But by working on this goal consistently, with determination (and some sweat and near tears) I have been able to achieve, even surpass this goal.  Which in turn has given me the inspiration to set a new goal.

I posted a few weeks ago on my Fitness and Nutrition page, a picture of a yoga pose that I am hoping to be able to master within the next 3 months.  Some years ago I was practicing yoga three times a week but I haven’t practiced regularly in awhile.  I am challenging myself to start practicing yoga again at least two times a week in order to gain more flexibility and recreated that mind body connection yoga is so great for.  When I was practicing, my yogi used to say that being able to master and hold these yoga poses is more about having a strong mind body connection and flexibility than having sheer strength.

 So what skill will you work on? What will your fitness goals be? It’s okay if you automatically thought of a number when I first asked.  We’ve been programmed to think this way.  But why not take the time to think about setting a new skill based fitness goal and focus on that so you can be proud when you achieve that goal and be proud! 

Here is that pose!



Why Drink Shakeology?



So often I hear “It’s so expensive to eat healthy.”  And, “I can’t afford Shakeology.”  You need to stop thinking this way.  You need to start thinking of what you put into your body as preventative medicine.  

All I know is, there are so many meal replacement shakes out there but Shakeology supports my body in a completely different and sophisticated way. It wasn’t formulated with preservatives or artificial flavors like other meal replacement shakes that contain chemicals and additives, Shakeology is the real deal and it contains all my body needs for a daily dose of dense nutrition. Not only does it aid in weight loss but it supports the brain, heart, lungs – actually it supports all of the human body’s 11 interactive and complex systems – in a way that no “average” protein shake will do.  I don’t know about you but I want the best shake for my money – the only one that will give me that daily dose of dense nutrition.  And that is Shakeology.

I have not been sick once since I started using Shakeology every day.  Shakeology supports my immune system and aids my body in the healing process. Just a few more reasons I recommend Shakeology every single day. I feel confident that my body can effectively fight disease, shed toxic elements and fat keep me regular.  I wouldn’t sell myself short when it comes to my nutrition.  So when you say “I can’t afford Shakeology”  I say you can’t afford not to drink Shakeology. You deserve to have a body that operates at peak performance. So, why not invest about $4.20/day for the healthiest meal of the day?  Aren’t you worth it?





Last minute challenge I am starting on June 5th (yep! Just 2 days away!)  I will be posting before and after photos…. YIKES!  My booty is a problem so this is going to be scary, but I’m going to do it to prove what just 10 days of booty work can do!  I have a spot for one more person to join.  If you are interested, please enter your info below.  (This is a FREE challenge group, however you must be willing to commit and abide by the group commitments.)  

Tighter Tush & Leaner Legs in 30 days…Who’s Up For Some Friendly Competition?


I don’t know about you but I DO NOT WANT A SAGGY BOOTY AND FLABBY LEGS when I hit the beach this summer!   So I created this FREE CHALLENGE hoping that I could find some friendly competition to make getting my butt in shape more fun!  It’s going to be 30 days of proper hydration (to flush the fat and cellulite) healthy meals and snacks and full body workouts with a focus on the booty aka tush aka bum bum (boom-boom!).  If you want to join me in this challenge leave comment with your email address in the form below so that I can contact you with the details.  You can also friend request me on Facebook: YOU MUST BE READY TO COMMIT!  CHALLENGE STARTS JUNE 15TH – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Cucumber Melon Mint Refresher



This is a light, cool and refreshing drink for a long summer day.  

1 cup cucumber chunks
1 cup watermelon chunks
8 red grapes
1 tsp honey
10 fresh mint leaves
1 packet Strawberry shakeology
1 cup water 
1 cup ice
Blend until creamy.  (For best results I recommend a Nutribullet).  Enjoy!