Tighter Tush & Leaner Legs in 30 days…Who’s Up For Some Friendly Competition?


I don’t know about you but I DO NOT WANT A SAGGY BOOTY AND FLABBY LEGS when I hit the beach this summer!   So I created this FREE CHALLENGE hoping that I could find some friendly competition to make getting my butt in shape more fun!  It’s going to be 30 days of proper hydration (to flush the fat and cellulite) healthy meals and snacks and full body workouts with a focus on the booty aka tush aka bum bum (boom-boom!).  If you want to join me in this challenge leave comment with your email address in the form below so that I can contact you with the details.  You can also friend request me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/christie.crupper.. YOU MUST BE READY TO COMMIT!  CHALLENGE STARTS JUNE 15TH – NO EXCEPTIONS!