To Wine or Not to Wine…


That is the question and a very good one at that!  I for one love a good glass or two of wine now and then.  I have my favorite reds and my favorite whites and, yes, I’m pretty picky about what I will drink.  But I’m not going to let it set me back in my goals or ruin my diet and wreck my hard earned body! It better be damn good if I’m going to curl up on the couch with my blanket and spend the evening with it.  And when I do, I make sure I keep my servings true to size.  1 4 oz. glass and I’m feeling a little relaxed, 2 and I feel like I am floating on a cloud.  Any more than that and I start to turn in another direction.  Tired, cranky and somewhat irritable.  What’s fun about that?  Especially when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve my goals. 

In my experience, drinking any alcohol in excess is bad for your diet.  Not only does it pack on the pounds with it’s empty calories, but it spikes your blood sugar and makes you feel very hungry and when I’ve had even one too many, I am more likely to eat bad…. really, really bad!  You know what I’m talking about… impulsive trip through the drive through at the fa(s)t food joint down the street?  The taco shop?  There you go…. 3 steps back!

Oh and the next morning… forget about your workout!  Even if you don’t have a hangover, you’ll feel sluggish and you’ll have no motivation to do much of anything, let alone workout and work up a sweat. 

And this creates the vicious cycle:  Why not just forget the diet and exercise just for today and start all over tomorrow?  And you do continue this pattern over and over again and never see results and eventually give up and let go.  Which eventually leads to a muffin top and not being able to fit into your favorite jeans at all and you are back at square one…. which leads to another question: Is it worth it? 

And it all started with just one glass to many.